01.2015 Startup Hub Poland seed fund and Giza Polish Ventures VC fund invested in the project on pre-seed stage of development
03.2015 with a help of the funds from NCBR (The National Centre for Research and Development) HiProMine was brought to life. Since than company focuses on research on insects as a feed component and development of innovative solutions for industrial breeding and rearing of insects. In August 2015 HiProMine R&D Centre was opened in Robakowo.
11.2015 Company received funds from National Centre of Research and Development from POIR 1.1.1. program
05.2016 HiProMine won Master of Innovation competition organized by BioForum
05.2016 HiProMine won Initiator of Innovation competition organized by Newsweek Poland
06.2016 HiProMine took first place in Poland international UBER Pitch competition