Black soldier fly production

Revolution in the farming industry – hermetia illucens

Nowadays as a farmer you can choose from a number of alternatives to conventional animal feed. There are more nutritious and eco-friendly ways to keep the animals full and healthy, such as the black soldier fly feed that we offer and highly recommend – especially for fish. The hermetia illucens is slowly becoming a widely recognized and valued insect meal in the industry due to its many benefits. This is a low-cost, very nutritious (high-protein) feed for livestock, and what is more – it is produced in a non-invasive for the environment way. The low-cost quality, which comes from using less resources, is mainly what makes the black soldier fly much more appealing than producing conventional fishmeal and animal feed.

A possible new extraordinary part of our diet

Being a insect meal is not the only feature of the unique hermetia illucens feed. They emerge as a tough competition for meat, at least thanks to their sustainability. Meat production has a huge environmental impact not only because of the complex animal upkeeping and huge biohazardous waste utilisation problem, but also the packaging. The latter creates an enormous amount of trash, polluting our planet. However before you decide to try the black soldier fly, you probably would like to know how it is produced – you will find some useful information about it below.

Setting up a black soldier fly farm

The black soldier fly feed production has to be truly thought-through. In order for it to be not only sustainable, but also effective, the structure requires meeting a number of standards. The basic rule to be followed is that for hermetia illucens production there has to be built a tier system indoors, which is made of steel and mesh pieces