Development of BIOINSEC technology in HiProMine S.A. company



HiProMine S.A. has implemented (starting May 2017) the project: Development of BIOINSEC technology in HiProMine S.A. company.


The project is funded from European Funds within the framework of the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme for the years 2014–2020 Priority axis 1: “Innovative and competitive
economy”. Measure 1.2. “Strengthening the innovative potential of Wielkopolska’s enterprises”.



Goal of the project: The goal of the project is to develop, in the laboratory setting, a prototypical 3-module bioreactor unit for the processing of by-products and waste generated by the agrifood industry into highly absorbable protein and fat, and a fertilizer. Special insect varieties are to be used as the medium transforming waste into target products.


The implementation of the project will deliver a technology for the production of new protein sources with applications as a component of protein feeds. The marketing of the BIOINSEC technology will produce long-term positive environmental effects due to reduced material consumption and energy intensity of the production process, decreased emissions of pollutants, and increased reuse of materials or waste. The technology is consistent with the 4R system (recycle- reduce-repair-reuse). The use of insects enables efficient and fast conversion of low-quality raw materials and waste to high-quality biomass, which represents a process of effective biorecycling of waste.


Planned effects:

  • Employment increase in supported enterprises, 2.5, 2018;
  • Number of researchers working in improved research infrastructure facilities, 2.5, 2018;
  • Number of new researchers in supported entities, 2.5, 2018;
  • Number of R&D projects implemented using supported research infrastructure, 1, 2018;
  • Number of enterprises using supported research infrastructure, 1, 2018;
  • The implementation of the project will yield a number of results which have been quantified in the indicators listed in the tables below:
  • Purchase of research equipment;
  • Development of the world’s first bioreactor based on THS, FLF and IMEH technologies;
  • Increase in private expenditures on R&D to at least PLN 2,650,600;
  • Increase in the employment level of the enterprise by 9 additional research jobs; after the completion of the project the increase in the level of employment by 2.5 jobs will be maintained [EPC]. The employees will include zootechnicians, a laboratory analyst, an automation technician, a big data analyst, a constructor, and managers responsible for research into the IMEH, THS and FLF technologies.

In addition to the outcomes expressed as indicators, the project will deliver the following results:

  • Implementation of product innovation in the enterprise;
  • Implementation of process innovation in the enterprise;
  • Implementation of non-technological innovation in the enterprise;
  • The project will have a positive impact on the equal opportunities policy, sustainable development policy, gender equality policy, information society policy, as well as innovation policy and international cooperation;
  • Strengthening of international cooperation and exchange of technological ideas and know-how;
  • Promotion of eco-innovative biotechnology which, by offering a possibility of substitution of feed for farmed animals (including fish), will contribute to a reduction in fishing activity and protection of overexploited fisheries; Promotion of the region through the implementation of globally innovative technologies with a worldwide significance;
  • Reduction of organic waste streams undergoing processes other than reuse – a global environmental benefit.

Value of the project: PLN 8,309,068.00
Contribution from European Funds: PLN 5,658,480.00

More information about the programme is available at