Insect food for aqua culture

Being on the market since 2015, HiProMine has developed a whole range of superproducts which are used as a high-quality alternative to fish meal as well as aquaculture protein supplements. The innovative, multi-stage process of extracting dried larvae enables us to provide our customers with products antibiotics- and GMO-free. Our solutions have been highly acclaimed for their quality. They match all the requirements of food for fish farming and provide the animals with enough nutritional value for their proper development.

For example, a HiProMeal is an insect flour which is substantially higher in nutritional value compared to its much poorer alternatives available on the market. Alternatively, an insect pellet is high in protein; hence it can be used as a supplement. Such pellets make a great aquaculture feed, often used for reptiles, rodents and amphibians. Should you be looking for different food for different animal species check our whole range of superproducts.