Insect food for birds

Birds farming an breeding can be a very lucrative business, but to get to that point you will have to do research into what is best for the birds. In short, if you want to have fowl or ornamental birds which grows quickly and healthy and yields a lot of eggs, then providing a high-quality feed is a necessity. As others come up with products which are not only genetically modified, but also full of antibiotics, HiProMine focuses on nature and going back to the origins.

As any agriculturalist and breeder knows, a healthy bird requires a sufficient amount of nutritional value supplied in their food. To provide them with the best quality bird meals, enriched with necessary vitamins and minerals we recommend using our goods, such as an insect flour, protein pulp or insect dried larvae. These are as nutritious as their fresh equivalents, providing the animals with the best possible edible material. Our food for birds is an eco-friendly and healthy meal alternative. Should you be interested in our whole range of products, contact us.