Insect Protein Powder

Due to Hemertia illucens being a high-quality source of protein and lipid, using such products is an exceptionally good and sustainable way of providing high-quality meals for animals. The insect protein powder can be used in complete diets for various animals, such as small mammals, birds, as well as aquaculture and pets. Therefore, this is an optimal solution for any farmer or breeder, and food and feed industries.

Pros and cons of Insect Protein Powder

As mentioned before, in the world of global food deficiency resorting to alternative solutions for many successful
businesses is no longer just a choice, but a necessity. In HiProMine such products are made of insects, a widely available
source, in our case it is Hemertia illucens, aka the Black Soldier Flies. The whole process is carried out with sustainable
and recyclable technologies. They are processed at just the right temperatures, so their nutritional values are preserved.
Hemertia illucens are a great source of all kinds of beneficial nutrients, such as lipids, fatty acids, and chitin. One of the
biggest advantages of this product is its versatility, as it can be fed to many different animal species.

Insect Protein Powder – intended use

HiProMine’s superproducts are popular among farmers across the world. The Hemertia illucens products are intended forlivestock, for example, bird farming. They are an eco-friendly solution and a healthy meal alternative, without antibioticsand GMOs. Black Soldier Fly meals can also be used for aquaculture. According to a study on the rainbow trout, Hemertiaillucens can be used as a partial fish meal replacement without any negative effects on the fish’s survival or the growthperformance parameters. The powder can also serve as an aquaculture supplement. Since a well-balanced diet isessential in improving animals’ health, we also recommend using Hemertia illucens to supply small mammals’ feed. It isperfect for hamsters, hedgehogs, mice, rats, and other small mammals. Moreover, the hypoallergic, antibiotics- andGMO-free insect protein powder can also be fed to domestic animals. Pets such as cats and dogs need a nutritious diet, and the Black Soldier Fly is a way to go.

Turning waste into resources – HiProMine

With the world population increase and rising concerns for the environment besides the health-related benefits, it is crucialto mention the environmental implications of the insect protein powder processing and production. In HiProMine we useonly the carefully selected species. Why Black Soldier Fly? Because they can be fed with agri-food industry by-productsand then be converted into an insect protein powder. All this is done in a low energy bioreactor which recycles organicwaste into high-quality products. It is an innovative and multi-stage process. What is more, in comparison to livestock, aninsect farm does not need as many resources, e.g. power, land, and water.