Insects as novel protein sources for fish and poultry




Since 1 March 2017, HiProMine S.A. has been implementing the project: Insects as novel protein sources for fish and poultry. The project is co-funded from European Funds by the Foundation for Polish Science within the framework of Measure 4.4 “Increasing the human potential of the R&D sector”, TEAM-TECH Programme.


Goal of the project: The main goals of the project are to investigate the impact of bioactive insect proteins on the growth of broiler chickens and salmonid fish, and to study the digestibility of nutrients, the amino acid composition of proteins, the energy potential, and changes in the composition and activity of the microbiome of the animals’ digestive system. Another objective is to determine the effect of insect protein used for dietary supplementation in slaughter chickens and salmonid fish on the prevalence of potentially pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract using modern techniques of molecular biology.


Planned effects: The project will provide a greater understanding of the potential applications of insect protein in poultry feeding and aquaculture. The study results will be used in legislative procedures and in the marketing of feed products.


Value of the project: PLN 3,418,500.00
Contribution from European Funds: PLN 2,853,600.00


More information about the programme is available at