Media about HiProMine

Some time ago a start-up created by a small group of researchers from Poznań, Poland has evolved into a thriving company. During the time of HiProMine being on the market various media outlets have been kind enough to give us credit for the work we do.

As an example, foundation for Polish Science (FNP) recognized the impact our insect farming on the modern animal feed industry. listed HiProMine as one of ten inventive European startups ‘working on making meat substitute without slaughtering any animals’, whereas - referred to us as one of the pioneers of the large-scale insect meal production companies in Poland.

On the other hand, Polish edition of the American ‘Forbes’ recognized our pursuit to deal with two major world problems I.e. the consistent protein deficit and the necessity of organic (biowaste) and food waste disposal. Overall, we are honored to be acknowledged by various media as one of the top start-up companies in Poland and Europe.