Our insect premium products

Some people without a doubt would go through fire and water for their little companions. Cat and dog owners are constantly looking for newer, better and more natural meal options for their beloved four-legged friends. HiProMine offers premium products perfect for all kinds of animals. Domestic creatures need a well-balanced and nutritious diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. Hypoallergic insect-based components are all that and also serve as a great source of protein. Adding raw material to pet food is a way to go. Our insect-based materials are not only hypoallergic, but also antibiotics- and GMO-free. One serving will keep the tummies of dogs and cats full for a long time.

Adding raw components to pet food, such as HiProMeal and HiProPulp has many benefits besides the health-related ones. These include environmental implications and sustainability. For example, such farming produces very low emissions. We highly encourage you to check out our whole range of products, they make a great addition to any animal diet. Should you have any questions please contact us.