Our insect premium products

Our Black Soldier Fly larvae are fed exclusively with vegetables and grains and their diet is enriched with vitamins and minerals to assure the quality of the final product. Any remains and end products of digestion left from larvae rearing are turned into an organic fertilizer for arable crops and ornamentals.

The organic fertilizer BSF is rich in “NPK”, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and many more micronutrients. We place great importance on this matter so the seeds, flowers and trees receive nutrients essential for vigorous plant growth and blooming. HiProSoil is produced in accordance with the Quality Management Systems requirements, EN ISO 9001, to ensure consistency, security and traceability of the products.

HiProSoil can be used for farming and gardening, for example:

  • field crops,
  • orchard cultivation,
  • decorative plant and lawn cultivation,
  • vegetable crops.

We highly encourage all farmers and gardeners to check our offer. HiProMine products are the key to growing healthy fruits, herbs, vines and others, as well as abundant flowers, trees and shrubs.