Insect protein powder


The full-fat insect meal (often called Protein Powder) may be used in complete diets for cats, dogs, birds and also small mammals as a high quality source of protein and lipid.
In the world of global food deficiency insect flour is a very good alternative to provide good quality meals for animals with the use of sustainable and recyclable technologies.

In HiProMine, thanks to innovative farming methods and state of the art technologies used in larval colonies, we are able to produce powdered food – for example made from Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly). The BSFL are processed at just the right temperatures, thus its nutritional values are preserved.

The bio-waste reactor used in Black Soldier Fly farming helps to produce a meals which can feed many kinds of animals.


According to research on the utilization of full-fat insect meal in the rainbow trout nutrition, Hemertia illucens powder can be used as a partial fish meal replacement without negative effects on survival or growth performance parameters. Our insect protein powder can be considered as a protein source and a functional feed component. It can positively affect the fish gastrointestinal tract structure and stimulate the expansion of beneficial bacterial populations in the gut. Different studies have shown that not only is Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) flour high in protein, but also has higher indispensable amino acid contents than other meal types. In addition, BSF are a good source of lipids and fatty acids as well as chitin – primarily considered a fiber, but also containing nitrogen and amino acids.


Test series of an innovative product.



Black Soldier Fly flour – perfect for all


There is other research which studies the attractiveness of insect flour – or rather its smell – to dogs. It suggests that the olfactory features of the dried BSF used in the production of the Black Soldier Fly powder may be attractive to dogs. Should you be interested in our products, be sure to contact us. We are more than happy to talk to you and provide the options that suit your needs best.


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