Insect pellet (food for fish farming)


The insect pellet based on Hermetia illucnes and Tenebrio molitor is processed ensuring that it’s nutritional value is preserved.
Thanks to innovative and ecofriendly technologies we can create high quality fish food, with no antibiotics and non GMO. In order to do so, we use a low energy bioreactor that recycles organic waste into feed for insects, such as Hermatia illucens (Black Soldier Fly). We offer an insect pellet based on Black Soldier Fly and Tenebrio molitor insects.

This pellet can be fed to various species of animals. For example, feed industries use it as a food for fish farming, but also rodents, reptiles and amphibians. It is an excellent source of protein and lipid. Thanks to advanced insect farming and processing we can preserve all of their unaltered nutritional values. Check our whole product range – this product is also available in a meal form.

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