Our insect premium products

A well-balanced diet is essential to improve health of all kinds of animals. No wonder scientists are thinking of more sustainable solutions to supply small mammals’ feed. HiProMine have discovered a way to produce a safe and ecologic alternative, perfect for rats, mice, hamsters, hedgehogs and many other. Animal-based food should be present in the diet of carnivores and omnivores. Using HiProMeal or HiProGrubs is a great way to supplement their daily intake of food with high-quality meals filled with protein, vitamins and minerals.

The Black Soldier Flies are known for their high nutritional value, but using our insect-based meals is not only beneficial for the animals. We are extremely cautious about the environment. In the world of global food deficiency, we feel obliged to develop more sustainable ways of producing feed. Our insect-based products for small mammals are absolutely safe. They are hypoallergic, antibiotics- and GMO-free. Should you be looking for our other eco-friendly superfoods, check out our whole range of products.