Valorisation of agrifood residuals with insect technologies (EntoWaste)



Since 1 February 2017, HiProMine S.A. has been implementing the project: Valorisation of agrifood residuals with insect technologies (EntoWaste). The project is co-funded from European Funds by the National Centre for Research and Development within the framework of the 2 nd ERA-Net-LAC: Latin America, Caribbean and European Union Joint Call.


Goal of the project: The main goal of the project is the development of a modular biorefinery technology based on the use of insects, aimed at efficient utilization of biowaste generated by agrifood enterprises. The project will involve the elaboration of methods for the processing of waste as feed for insects, technologies for insect breeding and rearing, and insect processing for the food and feed industries.


Planned effects: The project will deliver alternative low-cost solutions improving the level of food and feed safety through the production of high-quality protein based on the utilization of low-value by-products and waste arising in food production and supply chain. The technologies will be optimized for implementation in European and Latin American countries, taking into account the specificity of local waste management systems, distribution of food, and the type of available waste to be used as raw materials.



Value of the project: PLN 454,616.70

Contribution from European Funds: PLN 341,432.00



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