What is insect-based pet food

It is popular across the globe, especially in Europe. Countries like the UK, Germany, Italy, and France have already recognized the advantages of insect-based pet food. Who would have thought that within such a brief period it will gain so much popularity and recognition in the scientific field? It is no secret that hypoallergic kibble produced with such ingredients is an excellent choice for every breeder or a regular pet owner.

Black Soldier Fly

Hermetia illucens, Black Soldier Fly, has been and is very often used as feed for all kinds of animals, such as livestock and aquaculture. BSF are high in protein and minerals which are crucial nutrients in breeding animals. After a remarkable success in farming, it is no wonder that insect-based fed has transferred to pets. Hermetia illucens is an amazing supplement to a kibble, as it can provide as much protein and essential amino acids to dogs or cats as their diet requires. Moreover, this is a great replacement for soybean meal which can cause certain health issues.

Benefits of insect-based, hypoallergic dog food

Some studies have shown that soybean meals can be harmful and interfere with protein digestion, and therefore, lead to chronic deficiencies. What is more, some experts argue that soy is not a high-quality source of protein, and for that reason breeders and pet owners should consider switching to other meat sources. That is where insect-based dog food comes into play!

Hypoallergic dog food

Many dogs suffer from various stomach conditions; therefore, they need a special kind of kibble, which does not trigger any symptoms. Using Black Soldier Fly as an ingredient is a widespread practice in producing hypoallergic alternatives for popular, less healthy pet food. Insect-based meals are without antibiotics and non-GMO. Furthermore, using Black Soldier Fly, especially in an industrial scale has considerable benefits for the environment. BSF is certainly a revolutionary product – its popularity and demand has been and will be increasing significantly in the near future.