Insect meal

Nowadays all of us should be very conscious about sustainable production and zero waste policy. Our company specializes in providing innovative technologies concerning insect farming. We offer super premium products, such as protein meal, pulp, pellet and natural fertilizer, which are produced from insects.


We are an insect farm from Poland that offers larvae to various food and feed industries. The environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly solutions allow us to provide products that are high in protein and minerals, without antibiotics and non GMO.


Insect meal production is all about providing good quality food for animals, including dogs, cats, birds and fish. We are also producing plant fertilizers based on insect residues.


Originality consists in returning to the origin

Antoni Gaudi

We provide innovative technology for industrial scale - insect breeding & processing. Low energy bioreactor recycles organic waste into high-quality protein & oil

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Our super premium products